Planning a DIY bathroom remodel might seem like a simple enough task, which is why many opt for tackling the project themselves. Unfortunately, bathroom projects often go wrong fast, and before your know it, you’re neck-deep in unforeseen repairs and expenses. To have some idea of what you might be getting into before you start, consider these top five problem areas that can turn your dream bathroom remodel into a renovation nightmare!

5 Unexpected DIY Bath Remodel Problems to Avoid

Hidden Damage

When envisioning your perfect bathroom, you’re probably thinking about getting a new bath or shower, added cabinet space, a stylish vanity, and an updated sink. What you might not think is what lies beneath all your bathroom amenities. Things like termite damage, improper wiring, asbestos, floor joist damage, uneven surfaces, and air ventilation problems can stop your project in its tracks. For this reason, professionals recommend setting aside 10-20 percent of your budget to address such problems.

Plumbing Problems

Among hidden damage, one of the most costly and difficult problems you might run into is old plumbing and corroded plumbing. Even copper water supply lines can have corroded joints. Unless you want to solder copper lines, you will have to replace your pipes with something more modern and long-lasting such as PCP or CPVC pipes. This can be a difficult and time-consuming task, and not one you should attempt unless you have plumbing experience.

Design Flaws

For most designing a stylish and functional bathroom may seem rather simple. You might be surprised however at the number of people who end up regretting their bathroom remodeling choices. From lacking storage to poorly-placed shelves that result in bruised heads and items falling into the toilet are the least of your concerns. You could also end up investing in a bath or shower that doesn’t meet your needs a few years down the road.

Code Violations

If adhering to building codes isn’t on your mind, it should be. If your electrical systems are not wired and grounded properly, this could result in shock or electrocution. Another violation is failure to use ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets, leaving yourself and loved ones vulnerable to electrocution when using things like hairdryers and electric shavers.

Future Repairs

Even if your hidden bathroom structures are in good shape, you design your bathroom perfectly, and all codes are followed, remodeling well takes many years of practice. Most DIY bathroom projects are the first of their kind, usually resulting in substandard quality that leads to early product failure. This means spending more time and money on repairs, and in many cases, hiring a professional remodeler down the road.

Rio Rancho Bathroom Remodelers Make Remodeling Safe, Simple, and Affordable!

Unless you’re adding a few simple decorative touches or have extensive experience in bathroom remodeling, it’s usually a good idea to leave renovations to the professionals. If you’re looking for reliable Rio Rancho bathroom remodel innovation that will make your dream bath a reality without the hassles and expense of traditional remodeling, contact Full Measure today for a free in-home consultation!